Stainless steel etching

In order to provide an extremely durable finish suitable for harsh applications Perfect Metaprint Industries offers a Stainless Steel etching process.

Stainless steel etching can be carried out on either 304 or 316 stainless steel depending on the particular application of the product. The stainless steel is available in bright, satin or brushed finishes and a range of thickness is commonly used from 0.5mm to 6mm.
The text detail on the stainless steel piece is chemically etched away below the surface of the material and so will remain in place even in the harshest of environments. In order to achieve the etched finish we start by screen printing a chemical resist onto the surface of the material which is then immersed into an acid solution etching away the detail not masked by the resist. This is carried out on a fully automated etching line under computer control that ensures consistent quality and the finest detail every time. The sheets are then washed and, if required, the etched detail can then be infilled with a shoving enamel paint to give an extremely hard-wearing surface and a future proof marking solution. The resist is then cleaned from the stainless steel sheet taking any over spray with it to leave the detail etched away from the surface of the material. The labels are then cut from the sheets and supplied as individual parts, ready for assembly to the product.
Stainless steel etching is used in a wide range of applications that require a long lasting durable finish ensuring that text detail remains legible in the harshest of environments including offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, petro-chemical terminals, Industrial identification tags Stainless steel etching is used for rating plates, warning labels, instruction plates and high quality logo badges, offering a cost effective & durable process that meets the demands of extreme applications.